Starting a Neighborhood Association

How to Start or Revitalize a
Neighborhood Association in Brookline

1. Identify and notify anyone in your neighborhood with prior/current interest.

2.  Call a centrally located meeting and be sure to get completed sign-in sheets   and suggestions of others interested.

3. Gain consensus on definition of your neighborhood: contiguous geographic area on a map and who is eligible to join, e.g. residents, property owners, business owners, employees and any minimum age for membership.

4. Make a list of neighborhood concerns.

5. Gain consensus on a desire to form/continue/ revitalize your association.

6. Agree on a name.

7. Agree on a time and arrange for a public meeting space for a larger organizational meeting. Leaflet the neighborhood or use email to notify people.

8. Notify the TAB and the Community Calendar about your public meeting.

9. Agree on an agenda before the meeting and have it available at the meeting.

10. Vote on officers and executive committee members.

11. Decide on whether dues should be charged.

12. Consider whether to draft and vote on By-Laws.

13. Join the Brookline Neighborhood Alliance and appoint 2 delegates to attend meetings. Please see information below on membership.

Brookline Neighborhood Alliance, Membership Information:

The Brookline Neighborhood Alliance (BNA) is a civic organization composed of neighborhood associations and groups. Dues are $25 per year (September to August.) We have over 20 organizations in the Alliance, in three categories of membership.

1.  Full membership in the BNA shall be open to any Brookline neighborhood association that:

  1. subscribes to the general purposes of the BNA
  2. represents neighborhoods concerns
  3. serves a contiguous geographic neighborhood with at least 30 resident households,
  4. has an open membership
  5. holds a public meeting, after adequate public notice, at least once a year, and
  6. has at least 13 members.
  7. A neighborhood association that has fewer than 13 members but is otherwise qualified for full membership may become a nonvoting provisional member.
  8. Other Brookline-connected organizations that do not meet all membership criteria may become nonvoting associate members.
Ready to join?  Fill out the membership application to join the BNA!