Leadership Awards

BNA Leadership Awards recognize neighborhood activists who have worked hard on behalf of a neighborhood issue. The award was meant to recognize people who may or may not have official titles, but who have done this important neighborhood work, perhaps behind the scenes. In 2005, the BNA board expanded the award to people who made contributions to improve or beautify the neighborhoods.

List of Recipients:

League of Women Voters/Dottie Blom for starting the BNA
Isabella Callanan, Friends of the Muddy River
Diana Spiegel, Campaign to Preserve St. Aidan’s

Adam Kahn, Chestnut Hill Village Associates
Ponnie Katz, Coolidge Corner South Side
High Street Hill Association for Leverett Pond anniversary

Merelice, White Place Neighborhood Association
Joyce Zak, South Brookline Neighborhood Association

Erin Chute Gallentine, Brookline Parks and Open Space Division
Graffam McKay Neighborhood
Myra Trachtenberg, Coolidge Corner South Side

Carla and Richard Benka
Linda Olson Pehlke, author
Friends of Hall’s Pond

Gill Fishman, Fisher Hill Association
Dennis De Witt
Bernice Wilner, Sheafe, Holly, Heath Neighborhood Association

Greer Hardwicke, Town Preservation Commission Staff
The Coolidge Corner District Planning Council, Co-Chair Arlene Mattison

Joni Burstein, South Brookline Neighborhood Association
Don Weitzman, Fisher Hill Association
Hugh Mattison, High Street Hill Neighborhood Association

Peggy Ueda, Aspinwall Hill Neighborhood Association
Janice Kahn, Chestnut Hill Village Association
Kathryn Kirshner and Dan Saltzman, White Place Neighborhood Association

Nancy Heller and Eunice White, North Brookline Neighborhood Association
Alisa Jonas and Bill Pu, South Brookline Neighborhood Association
Rob Daves, High Street Hill Neighborhood Association

John Bassett, Emerson Garden Neighborhood Association
David Leschinsky, Eureka! Puzzles
South Brookline Senior Social

Lawrence Local Historic District
Ethel Weiss, Irving’s Toy and Card Shop
Kara Brewton, Director of Economic Development, Town of Brookline

Evelyn Roll, North Brookline Neighborhood Association
Chestnut Hill Village Association, Brookline’s oldest Neighborhood Association, incorporated in 1938